Added betting type "Lay" for Money way Betfair and dropping odds for each bet

We try every time to improve the design and functionality to make it more flexible.

This time we have added bets "Lay" for events on Betfair and have added the story of dropping odds for events

About "Lay" bets. This column displays what amounts and what near odd people want to make a bet. Consider the following example:

Current ratio is 2.00 to Win 1, column bets "Lay" are displayed following items value: 2.04 $ 3000 $ 2.06 500 2.08 $ 1,000. Its means Now you can make a bet for the odd 2.00, and the people trying to place bet $ 3,000 for odd 2.04, 500 $ for odd 2.06, etc.

This column is good because if there are High Volume odd for the match, you can continue to track whether people are betting on the outcome of current.

More about the changing odds, you just need to hover over the odd and displays the entire history of change odds.

22/12/2016 17:08:11