Instructions for using the Scanner Betfair

The basic idea is to find the most high volume amounts and the maximum percentage of the total amount for the event, and factors odds.

Types of Betfair Scanners

Our site contains two types of scanners:

Difference of scanners only is that the Live Scanner displays only the events that are going right now. The Line Volume Scanner displays the event, which will begin within 24 hours.

How to use the Betfair Scanner

Let us consider in detail the table Scanner

Match in Betfair

  1. Events Unit, the title of which stated: Kind of sport. Country (2 letters). Competition. Teams. Date of start of the event
  2. Species sub-block bet types. In this example, the selected block 1X2 Match Odds, which indicates the kind of bet: Winner of the match
  3. In this section we see 2 outcome, a Winner in the Match - Misaki Doi and Winner in the Match - Lucie Safarova.
  4. In this block we find the odds for each of the outcomes. Correspondingly win 1 team - odd 4.8 (on current time), winning 2 team odd 1.29. To display the history of changes in the odds need to hover over the current odd.
  5. Under these blocks indicated in the header The total amount for the current type of bet (1X2 Match Odds). Next on the strings match the amount that is affixed to each of the outcomes. To display the chart of sum/factor necessary to hover over the sum in a string.
  6. In these lines is automatically calculated by the percentage of the sum of the outcome of the total amount for each outcome.
  7. In the last block displayed rate and the amount people want to bet. Example: 1, 76: 2238 $ means that the person is trying to bet at 1.76 the amount of $ 2238. Recall that the Betfair - exchange, and there is a factor you want, you can display, the main thing that against your bet, too, who - what a deal.

Scanner Filters

Match in Betfair Live

  1. A filter that displays matches with the requirement that the sum of $ 10000, Odd from 1.35, Percentage of 80%
  2. The Filter reset button
  3. Filter sport types. Choose only those that you need.
  4. Filter of Amount/Volume Percentage. Min percent of the value 0, maximum 100.
  5. Filter of Amounts/Volume. Min to a value of 0, a maximum of 10000000.
  6. The filter coefficients on the outcome. The minimum value of 1.01, the maximum in 1000.

The filter is applied immediately after the changes in the value you want.

Betting Strategy Betfair Scanner

We will offer you a few strategies to find high volume bets.

Our strategy is to take the matches that:

  1. Betting matches with filter "Red dots" in a live scanner and a line (prematch) scanner;
  2. customize your own filter settings: Amount from $ 30000, the percentage from 93%, odd from 1.5

Choose your strategy and win on pHigh Volume Bets!

n order not to miss the matches, you can configure Personal Notifications, notification data will be sent to you on your registration Email. Change and can turn them off in the same place and have created their.

Match in Betfair Live